People Design Technology Feedback

Upon returning after the Christmas break, we received our feedback from the presentations we made in December before we broke up. This was an opportunity that allowed us to gather an understanding into how we are progressing and what our next steps should be. I have taken the time to gain an understanding of what I need to do from this feedback and where I should be heading to further the project and begin my prototyping stage.

“Your project ‘breathe back’ is about creating a gamified breathing physiotherapy device for children suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. The device also monitors the performance and the data can be viewed by scientist and researchers to help the user. You indicated that the users of the device would be between the age of 3 and 12. As it is a subject matter that is personal to you, we have no doubt that you understand the various issues that accompany this disease however it is imperative that you covalent your research and process diligently (see below). Our concern is that because you are close to the subject matter you feel that it’s unnecessary to conduct any more user research or talk to medical/physiotherapy practitioners. It may be beneficial for you to engage with other people (different user group and practitioners) to bring other insights (for example talking to friends of the Cystic Fibrosis suffer about games etc.) related to your project.

Your project scope is ambitious in a good way where you are thinking of it as a stem comprising of the device, game, data (and visualisation) and the scientists/ researchers/ health practitioners. You need to think carefully whether you are going to focus on one area or the whole without compromising on quality. You need to explore and unpack each area thoughtfully and with depth. Are there exemplars or source materials for each area that you are attracted to or inspired by. Examples could include possible aesthetics of device, forms of visualisation etc. You also mentioned games involving bubbles, could you give or show some good examples? Delve into the nuances of material, form, colour and type, looking at and categorising work that you find inspiring – exploration in these areas will also help unpack the design language of your project.

This could be a deep and profound project but you need to redress your blog so that this depth is evident and credit can be given. You have much work to do but keep going! Aim for a professional prototype in every respect.”

I feel that the feedback I have received has been very constructive and gives me plenty of elements that I still need to look into in order to progress. I certainly feel that I can move forward and begin to generate the ideas needed for my Mark I prototype on February 23rd.