Major Design Change


It's never too late to make a U-turn is it? Well I wouldn't call this a U-turn but it's close to one! Having sat and been baffled at figuring out what my next step would be for my Mark I prototype, I decided to take a step back and reaccess the position I was in.

Since the beginning of this project, my aim has always been to help make physiotherapy a more enjoyable experience for children and to break down the social barrier between them and those surrounding them. From this aim I decided that in order to achieve it I had to gamify physiotherapy in a way that would enable the child to interact with others and enjoy themselves while performing the physiotherapy. This might sound like a great idea for a project with a great opportunity for depth of detail however what I found out is that I was constantly making myself feel as if I was going to change the way physiotherapy is performed. That's a huge task for a final year Product Design student and it was constantly on the back of my mind.

It was just last week when I decided to take a step back and look at my project in a different matter is where I started to gather an idea of redesigning and developing how people use a peak flow meter. Currently there are two different styles on the market; a manual peak flow meter which has a simple scaling system to present the reading and the PIKO which is an electric reader of much smaller scale which creates a reading through its use of a flex sensor. Both products give out the same reading however they are medically designed devices which show no interaction with the user, especially children.

From this bit of research I have decided to redesign a manual peak flow meter and gamify it through the use of a high score system/game which will entice the child to cooperate more. I shall continue this discussion and my idea generation in future posts.