Code, Coding + More Coding!

So since my decision to change the outcome of my project all I seem to have been doing coding but to be fair its beginning to take shape. Coding has never been a strong point for me, whenever I previously had to use it for projects I knew the bare minimum to get by or I googled everything. But this time round it needs to be learnt, if I want to push this project past university I need to have a better understanding don't I?
It's be a tough few weeks as I have essentially began from nothing especially since I am using an ultrasonic sensor which is a device I had never seen never mind use until I spoke to Ali a few weeks back. Along with the sensor I have been working with a bluetooth shield which is how I shall be moving the data collected to my app. It's a tough setup but I am feeling more and more confident that it will work.

I am constantly hitting snags due to my attention to accuracy of the readings. It's extremely difficult to judge the accuracy with the sensor that I am using and it looks as though I may have to let it be a couple of points out. In order to keep it as accurate as possible I may have to find a better sensor however in the meantime this will have to do.

Here is a selection of photographs of my arduino and what it's currently doing: