Progression and Pitch

So with a few weeks left to go I feel progress is finally being made, with the 3D print going according to plan last week and my coding finally starting to show some promise. It’s quite a good feeling seeing it all start to blend together and look like a working project. At last the idea is being well received across the world with my PitchToRich campaign in full flow and winning the first stage of the Young Innovators Challenge, I atlas have that going for me.

A couple of weeks ago I received one of numerous emails from the office at DJCAD, one of those 15 emails a day we receive and instantly delete, but this one caught my eye. It was in regards to the SIE Young Innovators Competition and how the applications were now open to enter for this years competition. A quick bit of research and I find out it’s a pretty big thing and excellent to have on the CV so I looked into the 3 groups available to enter and BAM! there is a health and wellbeing one. A quickly fill out of the application form, simple idea explanation/who it helps/why should I win etc, and I send it off as an entry. A few weeks pass and to be honest i’ve been so involved with my project that I completely forgot about it, I received an email stating that I had won £100 and I was invited to a Young Innovators Challenge workshop next weekend in Edinburgh with accommodation and travel paid for. It was quite an exciting feeling receiving this email considering I’d completely forgot I had entered plus it was just an initial idea, no need for drawings/videos/prototypes. I shall update on the weekend on the Monday following hopefully, maybe even the Sunday night.

After this “win” I decided to apply for the Virign Media Business competition Pitch To Rich, £1million worth of prizes plus pitching to Richard Branson. The first stage is a simple public voting system which ends on the 6th May and in order to progress you need to be in the top 50 of each category…. luckily after two days Im sitting 20th which I am pretty proud of. One big problem with this competition… the next round is at the same time as my VIVA, let’s hope the two don’t cross paths!

Should you wish to vote, then simply visit this link: and fill in a few details and I shall love you forever!