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Breathe­Back is a peak flow meter designed to get children involved with physio­ther­apy and make the pro­cess more en­joy­able. Chil­dren with Cystic Fibrosis hate physio­ther­apy! It’s boring, un­com­fort­able and cre­ates a so­cial bar­rier.

Breathe­Back features along­side an ap­plic­a­tion for mo­bile/ab­let which al­lows the user to gain an in­sight into the read­ings, gami­fy­ing the pro­cess and al­low­ing the child to con­sist­ently try and beat the pre­vi­ous read­ing. In the back­ground par­ents/pe­cial­ists/e­search­ers can read the data provided to see how the child is pro­gress­ing and gain in­sights into the dis­ease. This cre­ates a full circle of pro­ductiv­ity.