Guru's Day - Part 1: The Guru's

Guru's - People working in different sectors of the design industry who can give valuable insights wether it's research, design, computing etc.

Guru's day is a day where "Guru's" come in to see how our projects are going and give feedback, insights and help us further progress our projects. For me this was a very insightful moment for my project as it has allowed me to focus more and create an idea that shall be key to my project, but more of that will come later. This year the Guru's event was split over Monday and Tuesday 27th/27th November. The Guru's in attendance were:

Patrick Stevenson Keating

PsK studio
A former dundee Product design graduate, Patrick is founder of design and art company studio PsK. Working across multiple design disciplines, Patrick has produced projects for clients such as the V&a, tate modern, selfridges and the design museum. recent work ranges from architectural fictions of a colonised moon, new ideas on deathcare, and challenging our

Ryan McLeod

Ryan is a freelance interaction designer and founder of slurpp, a small design company who makes awesome digital things and teach people new stuff. Ryan is a DIxD graduate and worked for scotland’s biggest digital agency (equator) for 3 years and also managed a lttle spell out in canada enjoying the snow and freelacing in Vancouver.

Alan Newell

University of Dundee
Alan is an emeritus Professor at the school of computing at dundee university. He has been researching into computer systems to assist people with disabilities for over forty years. His current research is concerned with the technical challenges older people have with the use of technology, and the use of professional theatre to raise awareness and facilitate discussion on these issues.

Mel Woods

Mel is reader in art and design and her interdisciplinary research with computer scientists, HcI, ethnographers, artists and designers has created digital artefacts and exhibits for knowledge discovery and exchange. Recent projects include understanding and designing for serendipity and storytelling for wellbeing. she is co- investigator for aHrc Ke Hub ‘design
in action’.

Karen Petrie

University of Dundee
Karen Petrie is a computer scientist specialising in the area of constraint programming. she was awarded young It practioner of the year by the British computer society (Bcs) in 2004 for work she carried out whilst on placement in nasa. she is a women in computing activist, who servced as chair of BcsWomen from 2008-2011, and organised many events for women in computing during this period.

Jen Ballie

Design In Action (DIA)
Jen is a researcher within Design In Action, a Hrc Knowledge exchange hub exploring how small to medium enterprises in the rural economy sector within scotland might apply design strategically to flourish. Her other research interests includes social, interaction & sustainable design for fashion and service design. she has delivered workshops for the V&a, London, marks and spencer and asos.

Rebecca Lynsey

Design In Action (DIA)
Rebecca has a background in social innovation. Her work is driven by people centric thinking and utilising design strategically towards creating positive changes and growth within communities. Her previous works have included development of methods to engage children and vulnerable stakeholders and community engagement methods for effective service provision.

Saskia Coulsen

Saskia holds a Ba(Hons) from Gsa and a mLitt(dist) in management from st andrews. she has worked with creative and cultural organisations in new york, copenhagen and Glasgow where she produced events for Gi and Glasgow film festival. saskia is currently a Phd researcher at dJcad, her doctorate focuses on residencies for an emerging design museum.

David McGloin

University of Dundee
David is a physicist who works at the interface of a number of different subjects, including life sciences and product design. His research focus makes use of laser beams to pick up and manipulate microscopic particles. He is a stem ambassador, currently running an outreach project on 3d printing the moon from nasa data, helps run public physics lectures for the Institute of Physics and organises the dundee science festival ePm open day.

Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor is a dundee fellow and lecturer specialising in human- computer interaction and interaction design. With a background in computer science, he has previously worked at newcastle university’s culture Lab as a researcher on Bespoke and the creative exchange. He is particularly interested in technology for communitie and civic engagement.

Jon Rogers

Prof Jon Rogers holds a personal chair in creative technology at the university of dundee. His research balances playful technologies with citizenship to find new ways to connect people to each other and to their data. He is passionate about the potential of an open physical web with things and his work includes collaborations with mozilla, microsoft research, Penguin random House, nasa, BBc r&d and the met office.

Avinash Kumar

Avinash is a product design graduate from nIft. He was instrumental in setting up India’s first toy design studio with unIdo, and also holds a visiting faculty position with nIft delhi. avinash leads design research within Quicksand and is part of the founding team. after hours, he is also a VJ with the highly acclaimed electronic music ensemble, B.L.o.t. (Basic Love of things).

Pete Haggins

uWI technology
Pete is the inventor of the uWI Label, a smart label that is able to determine and illustrate how much time has elapsed since a container was first opened. While the idea came about for food, uWI’s first customers will be in aerospace and Life sciences. Pete funded the label’s development for the first 2.5 years, but has since raised £2m from private investment to commercialise the uWI Label.

David Sanchez

Biomimicry uK
David has a background in Industrial design and teaches biomimicry, design ethics and ecotechnologies. david’s career has been diverse. He designed furniture for Quetzal design studio and interactive educational devices for descubre science museum. He also has experience in the design retail business representing international brands such as Kartell and artemide.

Katerina Gorkovenko

Katerina Gorkovenko is a recent graduate from the digital Interaction design course. she is now continuing her studies at the university of dundee as a Phd student on the topic of second screens for political discourse.

Lynsey Brownlow

Lynsey a recent graduate who earned a first class degree from the product design course is now working in sopra as a user experience and innovation consultant.