Guru's Day - Part 2: The Review

Guru's day for me was very influential and pivotal in many ways through different guru's opinions. I was assigned with 3 guru's on the Monday and 2 on the Tuesday; Lynsey Brownlow, Jen Baillie and Ryan Mcleod on Monday with Jon Rodgers and David Sanchez the following day. I was fascinated with how each of the guru's were able to take in what I had said and instantly comment with such inspiring words which have helped progress since then, perhaps that'll be me next year....


My day started off with talking to Lynsey Brownlow, a former student who graduated last year and someone who have known through the course, she was able to give me some excellent advice regarding connection with projects considering my projects subject area is something close to the heart. She taught me that I need to create a divide between myself and the project so that I am able to get a clear view of how I can take it forward and not be scared because it's personal. Lynsey explained how someone from previous years had some trouble due to the same connection and felt that they hit a snag and were unable to progress correctly. It is something I have taken into consideration constantly since.

Myself and Lynsey discussing the project and the future.

Following my chat with Lynsey I had a great discussion with Jen Baillie about medical gamification and how I can perhaps "gamify" my final product. It is something I have considered greatly since then and has become a key part in my progression with the project. We discussed different aspects of products that have been gamified and how they have helped in the situations they have been used in. Along with this discussion we were also able to talk about the future of my project and how I could perhaps take it forward after the year is over which is a possibility I have always thought about. Through the company Design In Action I may be able to do so and Jen was very kind in stating that she could give me the contact to current R&D people that she knows at Design In Action.

With Ryan Mcleod we were able to discuss similar opportunities with regards to progressing further with the project. He has setup his own business Slurpp and has great experience through multiple projects and companies he has worked with since graduation. Ryan was also very helpful when discussing gamifying projects specifically a project that he had previously seen. It was a great opportunity to discuss creative ideas and something different outside of my current project.

On the Tuesday I was excited to speak to Jon Rogers, a lecturer at DJCAD who is an influential researcher. He is very passionate about his work and the potential of an open physical web with things and creative technologies. My expectations of our chat were far exceeded and it certainly was the defining moment for my project. We discussed data and how I could perhaps gather the data from my project allowing me to create a bigger outcome of my project. From this discussion my project has progressed from a simple product which will help a child perform physiotherapy with an interaction alongside performing it in front of others, to doing plus creating a database of data that researchers and scientists can access to further progress the research to find a cure. This simple talk with Jon has given my project a greater depth and hopefully better/helpful project in the end.

Overall these two days were key for the progression of my project and have been inspiring by getting to meet a range of guru's from different aspects of the design world. Not only were the designers insightful but the chance for me to speak infant of people and explain my project to others especially with my hopes of attending New Designers. This was the perfect chance to get some practice and gain some confidence when discussing my project and projecting the views that I have. We were lucky enough that Guru's day coincided with Open Day's so we were given the opportunity to talk about our projects with people who were hoping to start the course and give an understanding as to what they will be doing themselves should they decide to attend DJCAD.

My Pe-De-Te box/desk for Guru's Day
Discussing my project to a group of First Years alongside the Open Day tour