I really need to do more!

Well today hasn’t been very productive I must admit however I am now one step closer to getting my questionnaires out to my participants. The ethical forms have been sent out and when I receive the nod I shall be sending the questionnaires out. It’s quite an exciting feeling, knowing that soon you will have a broader mind for physiotherapy and that perhaps one day I can help people with Cystic Fibrosis for the better.

In the mean time I need to start my dissertation and luckily for me I am able to make it coincide with my Honours Project. The fact that my dissertation has to be in relation to the Communication Futures class I originally struggled to make a connection, but after a quick chat with my tutor I found out that I can actually make a form of communication.

I shall be looking into creating a visual leaflet/pamphlet for people who have to treat Cystic Fibrosis through therapy. How is physiotherapy in CF a form of communication I hear you ask? That area might not be, but my pamflet/leaflet is the communication. I will be communicating with the user, giving them insights into life with CF and physiotherapy. This dissertation will allow me engage my two favourite art areas; graphic design and photography. Now if you know me in the real world then you’ll know I’m mad for both and I shall be in my element making this (we shall see since its still a dissertation).

Anyways more updates to follow! In the mean time spread the word about this project and please subscribe, follow or whatever you want!