Final Year Means Honours Project

So it all came down to last Monday, the final ever first day back of University! The dreaded 4th and final year has come upon us and it is now time to get the head down and get on with it! But first…… let me take a picture of my desk!

You’ll soon know me, I love to photograph things! Nice views, nice desks, nice coffee; you name it I’ll shoot it if I think there is something different that people can see!

Anyway back to the task ahead and enough about me…. for now. So with my final year comes my Honours Project, now to tell you the truth I had struggled to come up with anything over the summer no matter how much I tried (ok there could have been a lot more attempts but there wasn’t, too much work and too many internships shall be my excuse). But just a few days before starting back I managed to gather a lot of thoughts after speaking to my younger brother. He has Cystic Fibrosis and has been diagnosed from a young age. Having lived with him up until I moved out 3 years ago, I had seen the ups and downs of this disease getting a small glimpse into how life is for him. I shall go further into detail in my next post about Cystic Fibrosis and what it is.

From this wee chat and my urge to get a larger understanding, I was able to get a few ideas for my project from this moment. I want to take a closer look into physiotherapy and the different forms/techniques that people take to battle CF. With this subject area it has given me two different pathways which I wish to pursue in the coming weeks and hopefully the research that I carry out will allow me to make a decision as to which one I can take further with greater understanding.

As I progress through these final 8 months I shall constantly be updating my blog both for personal gains and also for my coursework allowing everyone to gather an insight into how I am progressing through my project.

I hope you enjoy following my journey and any comments you have feel free to post!